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TOP Academy Results

“I’m closing more deals than I was before, gaining more control earlier in the sales process and doubled my customer base since I joined the TOP Academy.” 

- Student from the TOP Academy Cohort I

“Within the first six weeks of joining the TOP Academy I now have a new job that doubled my base salary and OTE. I also received a signing bonus thanks to your help! I'm very excited, and possible because of all the help the academy is giving me. Tom and Paul, the best coaches I've ever had.”

- Student from the TOP Academy Cohort I.

“I accepted my new job offer that is a 50% raise in base salary! I feel comfortable taking the TOP framework I'm learning here and using it at my new company to be a top rep!” 

- Student from the TOP Academy Cohort I. 

“I was unemployed prior to joining the Academy and landed a six figure salary sales role with Paul's help. With Paul and Tom's mentorship I also closed my first deal within 45 days of starting.”

- Student from the TOP Academy Cohort I.

“Paul Salamanca and Tom Boccard are the real deal. Phenomenal mentors, coaches, and human beings. The TOP 1% Academy… changing lives since 2020”

- Student from TOP Academy Cohort I

What is the Top One Percenter Academy?

The Top One Percenter Academy is a powerful and private sales network exclusively for T.O.P. members. 

Rising sales stars and Top 1% sales professionals come together to prepare, learn, and master the art of sales. It all starts with mastering the mindset to perform at the highest level possible.

Upon acceptance,  sales professionals are required to successfully complete the private 90 day Top One Percenter Academy in order to become a Top One Percenter member.

A select few sales professionals are accepted into the Top One Percenter Academy and not all will make it through completion.

We are currently interviewing for our next cohort.

Request to Join to apply for the Top One Percenter Academy.

Our Mentors

Paul Salamanca, Co-founder & CEO

Paul is an enterprise sales leader for a cyber security company that has raised $290M to date from Sequoia, Google Ventures, Intel Capital and other top investors. His last three startups have raised over a combined $600M. Prior to becoming an enterprise sales leader, he's been consistently at the Top 1% in annual sales.

An entrepreneur, real-estate investor and top 1% sales professional who has sold to world's largest firms on Wall Street and the Fortune 500 for over 17 years.

Tom Boccard, Co-founder & COO

Tom is a forward looking, sales leader and change champion with a history of transforming organizations to exceed sales and profit goals domestically and internationally. Diverse industry experience selling into Fortune 500 industry leaders in highly competitive environments. Known for building and incentivizing top performing teams while creating cultures of accountability, empowerment and loyalty.

What Students Are Posting in the TOP Academy App...

“Want to give huge shout out to Paul Salamanca who went over and beyond for me with guidance on a real life salary negotiation process I'm about to enter.. love getting this experience with you all to see what Paul and Tom are doing and living at THE TOP #goals!”

"Yesterday, I was thinking about when you shared on Fri about how you not only received a new offer, but negotiated a sizable increase with Paul's help, and I couldn't stop smiling... SO happy for you!!

As Tom said, with type of increase, it puts you on a whole other financial level. THIS is what the TOP academy is all about!!

All of us are seeing a significant impact in our careers and personal life as a direct result in this program in less than 2 months.“

“Thank you Paul, AND thank you Tom for creating this fantastic academy.
You both inspire, motivate, and empower me every single day! “ 

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